We believe when there is a concern regarding fetal growth or development, an individualised approach is required. This ensures families have the complete information regarding their baby's health, development and future, and support for the remainder of the pregnancy. Our main priority is the health of you and your baby.
From your initial visit, Dr Rajit Narayan offers personalised service from pre to post pregnancy, to ensure that you are healthy and comfortable during this special time in your life. 
What to expect?
At each appointment with Dr Narayan, you can expect an initial consultation and discussion including your procedure or scan selected for your appointment. For our beautiful pregnant women, 3D scan images can be provided at your request if your baby is visable at your current gestation.
One of our many perks is the availability to your images after your ulstrasounds has been completed. Simply request reception to send them to your phone number for easy and convenient access anytime. 
Our Services 
We offer a variety of services to both women with normal pregnancies and those who are at high risk, as well as Gynaecological care. 
The range of fetal conditions we look after include :
  • Structural abnormalities
  • Severe fetal growth restrictions
  • Pregnancies requiring fetal therapy and genetic syndromes
  • Ongoing antenatal care
  • Postpartum follow up


After Obtaining a referral from either Dr Mandapati (if you are already in her care) or your GP. 

  • Dating Scan
  • Early Morphology (12-16 weeks scan)
  • Morphology (17-22 weeks)
  • Growth Scan
  • Nuchal Translucency (NT) (11 weeks + 5 days - 13 weeks + 5 days)
  • Gynaecological/Pelvic Scan
  • Twin Nuchal, Morphology, Growth Scans
Our procedures we offer for Obstetric Patients include: 
  • Amniocentesis

  • Chronic Villus Sampling (CVS)

Procedures and ultrasounds for Gynaecology include:

  • Gynaecological scans 

  • Hysterosalpingo Contrast Sonography (HyCoSy)

To enquire regarding prices, booking times and availability; contact us below. We look forward to providing you with high-quality care and support.